What is direct access laboratory testing? 

Direct access laboratory testing permits consumers to order laboratory tests directly from a laboratory without necessarily having to work with their healthcare provider. These tests results may be used to monitor an existing health condition, identify a previously unknown medical disorder, or provide data regarding personal health characteristics. 

Is direct access testing legal? 

Yes; Direct access testing in the U.S. is regulated at both the federal and state levels. Ultimately, the states determine whether a consumer can order laboratory tests directly, without going through a healthcare provider. 

Is direct access testing a new concept? 

In the past, individuals had to visit a healthcare facility, a physician's office, hospital, or clinical laboratory - to have blood or other specimens collected for clinical testing, and they had to wait a period of weeks for a call from their doctor with the results. Many more options exist for today's consumers and these options provide individuals with immediate access to timely services and results. 

Is direct access testing dangerous since a physician is not involved? 

Direct access testing can provide valuable information to individuals about their health status in a timely and convenient manner. Consumers may not understand the limitations associated with some tests nor do they necessarily have the knowledge to interpret the tests without input from healthcare providers. My Health Check Lab does not diagnose or predict illnesses. It is the responsibility of each individual patient to initiate medical follow-up to confirm test results, as necessary. 

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